Notes from a Business Executive Leadership Trainer

Merlin’s Got Nothin’ on You!

When I was twelve, I spent a lot of time imagining that I could do magical things; not rabbit out of the hat things … …more like traveling while floating about three feet off the ground in a horizontal position, whenever and wherever I wanted to! “The imagination is literally the workshop wherein are fashioned […]

Mastermind is the Ultimate Executive Collaboration Tool

The concept of Mastermind has been around since we began recording history, some 5,000 years. My father was part of a mastermind when he fought in World War II. It’s when two or more people work together for a common solution and…

How to Stay Focused

I have found that there is One Vital Question that always keeps my clients on target on task toward their Goal. And, of all the things I’ve learned about setting goals … and achieving them, over thirteen years, and 16,000 hours of study concluded that…

Achieve Your Goals Consistently Over Time

“Whose shoes are these,” asked the pilot, dangling them from just outside the small doorway.

“They’re mine,” I said, lifting my head to answer.

I was crouched on my knees in sand, and tightly encircled in the arms of an American soldier…