Client Comments

"It is well worth the time and effort to join Leslie’s Art of Results masterclass..."

it will help YOU identify what is important to you and where your vision will take you over the next quarter (and the next, and the next).”
David Alan Katz, DO

"You should take this class..."

Leslie has put timeless principles of business into a program for today … she’s taken what I know works well, and makes it work in today’s world.”
Roy Dickan

"I came away with solid steps to enable me to achieve success..."

not only for myself but for my clients.”
Gill Fountain

"I was able to write a manuscript, publish book and a companion workbook..."

following Leslie’s practices. Take her course, you will not be sorry.”
Elizabeth Bolton

"This course gave me a repeatable system of goal setting and success planning..."

that is also trackable and repeatable. Invest the time.”
Brian Wallace

                                           THE ANSWER IS YES!!

>> YES! This is the only goal setting system you will ever need!

>> YES! It is your path to predictable, consistent results, regardless of your goal!

>> YES! path No more enduring the frustration of haphazard or sporadic results!

>> YES! This simple, comprehensive framework includes everything you need to set and achieve your goal from this point on. 

Leslie T Flowers

Master of the Art of Achievement

June 20 - 24, 2022
1:00-2:00 pm edt LIVE on LinkedIn

Why is this so Important?

When you Master the Art of Results, you are more able to serve others! You are the Leader they follow!

Give me your attention June 20-24, 2022, and I promise to show you the secret of implementing the "12 Golden Rules of Results" [12 Laws of Achievement) in your business immediately, along with the "Belief Engineering Generator," and the "7 Steps to Sticky Results!" I know ... you've never heard of these before! That's Why you want to be here!!

In this interactive masterclass learn the precise and simple path set your Goals that you can achieve over and over again, with a matching mindset to go with it!

This masterclass intensive is interactive, low tech, high-touch, with full workbook.

Live (and recorded) 1:00 PM ET for five days (Monday - Friday). Held LIVE on LinkedIn. See you there!

June 20-24, 2022
1:00-2:00 pm et
LIVE on LinkedIn

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No fees for this masterclass. 

Framework #1

Use the 12 Golden Rules of Results from the 12 Laws of Achievement

Put your goals through this checklist to reach your goals 97% of the time, every time, or better!

Framework #2

Turn Every Achieved Goal into Belief in Yourself

Consistent Results build Confidence. Use this simple 4-step process for every Goal you set!

Framework #3

Managing Emotions Whether Ups or Downs

Elevate your mindset to match the value of your Results, to stay happy, healthy and wealthy.

Comments From Prior Masterclass Attendees

Elizabeth Bolton ~ Beth Bolton Coaching

Roy Dickan ~ Clear Choice Marketing Group

Gill Fountain ~ 38 Partnership Branding & Marketing

Brian Wallace ~ Vivial Digital Marketing