Meet Leslie Flowers

Throughout her career, LESLIE FLOWERS has demonstrated remarkable versatility, adaptability, and resilience in inspiring and motivating aspiring and emerging leaders to excel in their lives and professions. Her lifelong passion for learning kickstarted an intellectual and emotional journey that has taken her through corporate publishing, entrepreneurship, board service, women’s empowerment, and immersion into professional development, focusing on human performance and achievement.

Leslie differentiates as an advisor and educator through her speaking, mastermind facilitation, broadcasting, writing, and instructional design, in which she integrates Dr. Napoleon Hill’s foundational treatise on personal improvement, “Think and Grow Rich.” She is the architect of “The 12 Laws of Achievement,” a proven, repeatable success framework for unlocking leadership potential, increasing self-awareness, and driving extraordinary results through goal setting, visualization, and collaboration.

Embracing a heart-centered, multidisciplinary approach, Leslie seamlessly articulates the complexities of success principles and universal law, distilling them into easily comprehensible terms. She believes success hinges on persistence and consistent achievement, and an intense, flowing feeling of confidence is a byproduct. Her strength is getting people to redirect their belief systems, dispel old myths, form new neural pathways, and visualize a life of abundance.

Leslie has been at the vanguard of the women’s leadership movement and remains a proactive crusader in helping women collapse the wage gap and achieve sustainable success in a male-dominated business environment. She goes beyond women’s typical work/life balance struggles, encouraging them to change their narratives and providing them with the tools to break the glass ceiling and reach unprecedented performance and achievement levels.

Leslie is a 2008 LifeSuccess-certified business consultant and coach (LSC), supplementing her extensive training in leadership, visualization, medication, and self-suggestion. and 2009 Siebold-certified speaker (CS). She is a gold-standard line editor, the author of nine books (six Amazon bestsellers), and the recipient of multiple awards in continuing education.

Honesty | Integrity | Authenticity | Empathy | Perseverance | Creativity | Positivity

To schedule an exploratory conversation, contact Leslie at [email protected] or via LinkedIn DM.

Leslie Is Right For You If You Want To:

~ Ask for what you are worth and get paid!

~Take clear actions to achieve your most important goals in life!

~Stop trying to please everyone, and stop saying “I’m sorry!”

~Learn how to succeed without doing it all, and without knowing How you’re going to do it!

~Get control over the direction of your life, develop confidence, and achieve measurable results!

~Fully become the natural leader you know you are meant to be!