Meet Leslie Flowers

Leslie Flowers CS LSC
Master of Agile Thinking .  Delivering masterclasses to corporate clients and entrepreneurs to achieve Zone of Genius status.

Leslie Flowers, a trailblazer for women in business, has spent the last twelve years of her twenty-six year personal development career, mastering the Art of Results in her flagship process, that allows her clients to quickly "Ask for what they deserve ... and get it." And they do.  In fact it's possible to 40X your income in three months; one of the many extraordinary goals achieved by her clients.

A certified speaker, business consultant and coach, and 7-time Amazon best-selling author, Leslie served forty-five years in corporate publishing and building business startups.

In 2013 Leslie turned her work to women when she realized women did not know business success principles or how to apply to be successful in 21st century business. That is when she created her Zone of Genius programs (nee mavenZmind).

Leslie walks alongside her clients, providing the trust and support they want. They know they can do it, yet it's proven easier for high performing women, when a master guide is there beside you, results occur more quickly. Now in its 40th consecutive program cycle, Leslie's flagship program "Zone of Genius" process serves as the framework for clients finally and ultimately experiencing living a life of wealth, health and happiness.

Leslie Is Right For You If You Want To:

~ Ask for what you are worth and get paid!

~Take clear actions to achieve your most important goals in life!

~Stop trying to please everyone, and stop saying “I’m sorry!”

~Learn how to succeed without doing it all, and without knowing How you’re going to do it!

~Get control over the direction of your life, develop confidence, and achieve measurable results!

~Fully become the natural leader you know you are meant to be!