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The quick and easy accountability program for the already-successful woman who wants bigger results, yet has minimal time and limited money to invest!


You’ve got goals. In fact, you may have lots of them!

The questions you may be having may be …

Is staying on track toward my goals a big challenge?

Is knowing ‘which’ goal to choose a dilemma?

While you know what you want to do and in many cases how to do it, you’re not seeing weekly progress perhaps because of …

Lack of time to work out a process for yourself?

Lack of support … doing it alone hasn’t worked very well thus far?



Your Accountability Partner™ could be for you!

women being empowered to change

One well known, effective solution for reaching any goal is the power in having a trusted, experienced “accountability partner” to keep you on track and focused.

Here is what is possible for you with this NEW, innovative, and tried-and-true program:

“In 24 months, with my accountability partner’s support, I was able to increase my compensation by 65%!” L. Carl

Your Accountability Partner™ includes our Five-Step Signature System you need to succeed.

Goal setting call to select one goal for the next 90 days.

Weekly call working with your personal ‘Accountability Partner.’

Map out steps (tasks) required to reach your goal

Discuss progress, obstacles and solutions to keep momentum going

Celebrate your successes

What other clients say about the difference an accountability partner can make.

women empowerment meeting

“When life is so busy, it is extremely helpful to know that I have ONE thing that I need to report completed to my partner.”

“It helps me to prioritize. It definitely keeps me on track with my trusted partner.”

“Someone to celebrate the little accomplishments, to provide new perspective. and “reframing” any negative ideas.”

“I appreciate that I can be authentic; both to celebrate the accomplishments and receive encouragement when I need support.”

“An accountability partner helps me see what I am not seeing; I like when my accountability partner shares referral partners to help me along the way.”

Sometimes we think our only answer is hiring a private coach, however, there are times and it may be that right now, all you need is your own, personal “Accountability Partner!”

This solution is cost effective and yields high return results. Why not get in on Introductory Pricing and start the New Year off with all your ‘ducks in a row?’

INTRODUCTORY PRICING **SPECIAL** (effective through 12/31/16)
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3 Months only $599*


One twenty (20) minute recorded call to choose and refine your one goal for the next 90 days with subject matter expert in achievement and certified consultant and coach, Leslie Flowers

Eleven (11) weekly, recorded, 15-minute calls with your accountability partner, designed to keep you in action toward your goal and discuss your progress, obstacles and their solutions with a certified YAP Guide™.

YAP Task Planning Guide™ designed to map out all your tasks (business and personal) over 90 days

Weekly email access to your personal ‘accountability partner.’

*taken within 3.5 months (105 weeks) from start.

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