November 23, 2016 Leslie Flowers

NEWS FLASH! Women Discovered to Be Hard-Wired for Achievement!

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We all are hard wired for setting and then achieving goals. The truth is … we do it so frequently that it’s nature is habit and we haven’t looked at it for the purpose of replication. Or appreciated our own power!

That’s right. And … statistics show that less than five percent, give or take, of people ever reach their goals. “That makes no sense,” you are likely thinking. It’s a good thing if you are as you have a curious nature. It’s a good thing if you aren’t as you are part of the five percent of those who achieve goals.

Let me clarify with a little ‘social proof,’ here.

  • You have hosted and enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner for your family for years.
  • Last year you threw a bash for your parents 50th wedding anniversary.
  • Your trip to Paris with your family was a blast, remember?
  • Your eldest finished college this year and found a job. Hallelujah!
  • You will have a first class celebration next June when your daughter graduates high school.
  • You always seem to get a better job than the one you have when you decided it was time to move on.

What you did in any one of these cases is the perfect path to achieving any goal you want. You actually followed a set of natural laws.

You’ll note some numbering in certain places below that have a dynamic link to the reference like this example: [1] or [2]. I did this because I have found over the years that cross referencing universal truths and concepts provides me with a stronger foundation of Faith. Faith that God is busy conspiring to give us what we want, provided it’s not for something that violates the rights of any living thing. He’s just not going to hand it over. He gave us intellect. Our part is ‘flexing’ that intellect like a muscle, and things we want show up. It’s a perfect cause and effect, in my view.

“Faith is a muscle that grows in direct proportion to it’s use.” — Leslie Flowers

ducks in a row

The easiest way to be part of the five percent that actually get the best shot at achieving their goals is to start with the simple Achievement Law of Three.[1]

  1. Love It. When you are planning something you love, there are steps you take every time so you will ‘get what you wanted.’ It’s fun and doesn’t feel like work.
  2. See it. You start at the endpoint, don’t you? You employ Stephen R. Covey’s second habit of highly effective people, “Begin with the end in mind.”[2] You imagine in your mind’s eye the location, if there is music, the specific date, who will be there, if there will be food, what kind … all of it, right?
  3. Plan it. Now you decide what to do first, then second, and maybe third to start, make sure all your ‘ducks are in a row’ so it all comes out perfectly … book the venue, write out the guest list, etc.

There are numerous lessons within each of the Laws, too. As example:

Love It also includes your deep desire[3] for having it to begin with. It’s your why, if you will.

See It includes being aware of and purposely using Your Invisible Power, [4] visualization.

Plan It includes your first few action steps.[5] You only need a few steps; once you are in action, the rest ‘pop’ into your mind, don’t they?

If you’ve prepared a Thanksgiving meal and you actually sit down with your guests and ate with them, you have mastered achievement. That was a goal! You used the Achievement Law of Three.

Multi Generation Family Celebrating With Christmas Meal

On the day of, you have half a dozen or more dishes underway, don’t you? Each item requires different preparation of ingredients and a different length of time to complete. When you sat down with your guests, you actually stepped through and completed the Achievement Law of Three!

You didn’t know it then, but you do now. The next step is up to you.

“When you know better, you do better.” — Maya Angelou.

My intention that this Nugget of Gold empowers and inspires you to step out and

Be the voice for those who have not yet found theirs.” — Leslie Flowers

I’d enjoy hearing how you felt after reading this content.

Leslie Flowers

[1] ™ 2016 Leslie Flowers Enterprises LLC. All rights reserved.


[3] 1st Principle of success, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


[5] 6th Principle of success, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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