August 15, 2017 Leslie Flowers

What Do We Really Know About Faith?

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What is Faith?

Is it an emotion?

Is there a time limit on how long you should have (or keep the) Faith?

Will it vary depending on your want or need?

In addition to the religious realm, in what other areas of our lives do we have Faith?

How do you attain Faith?

What happens if we have Faith in something negative, such as revenge? How do we know if we have Faith?

All good questions and I bet you have some yourself.
As for the answers ….

Faith is THE most powerful emotion we have.

When coupled with clear focus and surrender (of all other thoughts), as in prayer, it is the direct path to our Creator. Faith allows our prayers to be translated into their spiritual equivalent so they can be acted upon by the Universe. Napoleon Hill wrote extensively about this principle of success in Think & Grow Rich one hundred years ago. Hill said there is no such thing as ‘prayer by proxy.’

I would love to ask him about group prayer for someone who needs help, for example. But maybe one of you has the answer. And prayer without Faith provides no communication with Creator.

While we may already have Faith in someone or some thing, we can actually create Faith to have in something we want very much, as long as we do not violate the rights of others. For those who use Faith for things that are outside natural and spiritual law, it may appear to have ‘worked’ on the surface, yet natural laws are consistent and there is no ultimate remuneration for negativity – except more of that.

What we think about, we become.

FaithAnd, we think in pictures or images. If we consistently picture the image of what we want – let’s start very simply with a great parking spot at the local mall – we start first by expecting (definition: likely to occur) the spot to be there when we arrive. After a few times of arriving to find the perfect spot waiting for us, we begin to believe (definition: a firm opinion we are going to get what we want) we can always cause the spot for ourselves. After numerous times – you find you almost always get a great space after you have visualized or held the image in your mind – see yourself pulling into the space – the conscious mind passes that ‘knowing’ to the subconscious mind and eventually you will have created Faith – a knowing of something where no measures or metrics are needed and no matter what anyone else says, you know it is so.

If you can picture it in your mind long enough, you will ultimately hold it in your hand.

If you use the principle emotion of Faith, you influence or simply draw toward you that which you desire, more surely and more quickly. Have fun with this Gift as you scurry happily toward a jammed mall – knowing and visualizing since you left your home that just the perfect spot is waiting out front for you. [When occasionally there is not the plumb space for me, I remind myself that someone else wanted it more than I, and they saw the space with more intensity this time].

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