June 27, 2018 Leslie Flowers

What Can We Learn Next?

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Late last year I was referred by a friend to a “call for speakers” for a free online teaching telesummit, the end game is speakers growing their contact lists by giving away free downloads (requiring you email to receive). Oh, boy, was I excited … and honored. I love to teach, do interviews, seminars … all of it. For me it’s like jumping on a trampoline … all play.

YES, I said! I made my interview appointment and then we recorded.

I agreed to promote according to a schedule.

I did not pay attention to what I agreed to do or the emails with instructions either. I sort of ‘let it go’ only thinking about people getting to hear my ‘words of wisdom.’ ¬†Emails came in with wonderful promotional content. I ignored them. I was busy after all with other things.

I figured no one would notice. With so many speakers, I would fade into the background. (For those who know me already, this is an unlikely behavior !)

This is an example of the phenomenon, by the way, of “the more people in a group, the less that gets done.” “Someone else can bring that.” “No one will notice if I don’t.”

I did have MY day to present on my calendar. I was so excited. I couldn’t wait. What did I say? Will I sound smart? Will I get my points across?

I clicked the link … and guess what? My video was missing!!! Yes, that’s Right! No one could watch ME!! I jumped into action and emailed the organizer … “where is my video?”

She responded quickly said, “Leslie, you did not promote as you promised. I sent you numerous reminders and when I heard nothing, I removed your video.”

Flabbergasted, I hopped on social media and blasted the crap of the telesummit. And yes, she restored my video the very next day.

This year she is doing another telesummit and guess what, SHE DID NOT INVITE ME BACK. Why would she? Oh, the content was super, I promise you. She knew who I was for people; or who I ‘said’ I was for people. Truth is, she could not count on me. I was not my Word. Hmmm.

THAT was a huge pivotal moment for me. I realized that it was never about ME and my presentation and how I would sound. It was about those who did not hear my message, who were supposed to hear it to move on their own path toward greatness. I was not being the heart centered servant I ‘said’ I was.

And then our beloved Universe, as it so often works, saw fit to drop the idea of a telesummit to create and execute for me this year! Funny how that works. It is not a coincidence, I assure you. I attracted what I needed to be my best self for others.

Now I am seeing through the daily promo numbers in my own telesummit, how each speaker ‘deals’ with and their relationship to their word and where they are on their journey to oneness with all there is; with God. I am looking at myself in different stages! I can see who has the tightest relationship to their Word and who will achieve that challenge, perhaps next, on their life journey. And I love them because I stood in their shoes.

Now I keenly craft my messages to ‘land’ the way I would want them to ‘land’ as the listener. This way anyone involved with me can learn to be objective and fair, leave ego out of it, and focus on the purpose … the greatness and growth of others.