When Everyone is Right, No One is Wrong!

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everyone is right - perception

You likely already know that perception is how we ‘see things.’ It’s our ‘point of view.’ And you can use the Law of Polarity (opposites) to shift your perspective of someone or something to another point of view.

Why bother doing that,” you may be thinking. “What difference does it make?”

Consider that we each have our own distinct point of view of everything and everyone. And it changes every time we learn new information. There are no two perceptions that are precisely the same because our views are unique and are built from our environment and our beliefs systems.

Why is this important?

Have you ever argued with someone about who is right and/or who is wrong? Of course … we all have! When you understand that our point of view ‘works well for us’ yet not as well for anyone else, you never need to argue with anyone again! Working to convince another person that your way is the ‘right way’ is pointless because they believe their way is the right way and, – that’s true for them.

What might our World look like if no one argued?

What if people actually put aside for one moment their own beliefs and view of what is being discussed, and stepped inside someone else’s view (shifting your perspective for a moment to the opposite or another view) to create harmony and new ideas?

Highly successful people practice this purposeful mental exercise and are typically successful in business, and all areas of their life. They waste little time ‘feeling’ like a ‘winner’ because they ‘won’ the argument. What did they win? Nothing, really. Covey’s habit “go for the win win scenario comes to mind.

  • everyone is right - perceptionLet’s say you share a large cubicle by the window in your office with one person.
  • One morning, you walk over to the window and open it.
  • A few minutes later, your office mate walks over and closes it.
  • You get up again and open the window, and they repeat their action; they close it.
  • Rather than argue about who will ‘win’ in this dilemma, successful people might ask this question before the second round! “WHY do you keep closing the window?”
  • They may answer, “the breeze from the open window is ruffling the  papers on my desk.” The point? They have their reason which obviously is not the same as yours.
  • Your reason might be “I need some fresh air – I had turkey for lunch and am feeling sleepy.” 
  • Both views are valid and true for each person, right?

What then is the win-win?

Now that you have shared your points of view, you work together to come up with the best solution. This is not, mind you, a compromise. It is actually a better solution.

You get up and open a window located nearby and voila! You have fresh air and their papers don’t ruffle. Perfect harmony and synergy – the win-win by intentionally shifting your perspective. Both people got what they wanted and, no one was the ‘loser’ (while the other is the ‘winner)!

The next time you find yourself at odds in a situation with another, try this shift in perception, actually creating a better solution for both of you, and watch how your world B L O O M S ! ! !

Let me know how it goes, won’t you?

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The Power of Positive Thinking: How it Can Change Your Life

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positive thinking

Regardless of the area of our life we take a look at (career, family, community, spirituality, wellness) we are 100% responsible for all our Results. That’ s a bold statement, I know. It appears so many times that other people and circumstances have an impact on our Results, but they do not.

First, let’s go back to the statement which all of the greatest minds have agreed upon since recorded history (about 6,000 years), “what we think about we become” or “as a man thinks, so does he become”.

For the sake of this Drop of Awareness, let’s agree that ‘they’ are correct. So how does that work you may be thinking, or you may already know. With Repetition, the 1st Law of Learning, it’s a great thing to hear it again. 

1. We get our Results from the Actions we take

2. We take our Actions based on our Vibration

3. Our Vibration is determined by our Feelings

4. Our Feelings are generated by our Beliefs

5. Our Beliefs are formed from our pervasive Thoughts

Second, let’s be clear about one thing – we humans have control over one – and only one – thing! And that is our ability to Choose our Thoughts! And, we can only hold one thought in our conscious awareness at a time.

positive thinkingThird, if we choose positive Thoughts “what a great economy” or “I love the rain”, and think that over and over again, we eventually create a positive Belief which evokes a high, positive Vibration. That Vibration sets our Action; we get great Results. If we don’t intentionally choose positive thoughts and we let others fill that precious conscious awareness of ours, like television news anchors that continually broadcast how bad our economy is (negative thoughts) as an example, then those Thoughts become our Beliefs. They set off a low (negative) vibration and the Actions we take give us poor or fair Results.

The trick here is to ‘catch’ ourselves when we are thinking negatively (or within earshot of negative words), use the Law of Polarity (Opposites) which says for every negative there must be a positive, for every up there has to be a down, or behind every cloud there is a silver lining, and intentionally find the opposite thought on which to dwell, and intentionally shift our thoughts in the moment. Sort of like seeing the silver lining while inside the cloud because we know that natural Laws are orderly and work all the time, every time, whether we are aware of them or not. Choosing thoughts requires practice; practice will turn into habit; and before you know it your Results will match your Thoughts. Positive thoughts yield positive Results!

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The Power of Positive Thinking: How it Can Change Your Life