January 30, 2017 Leslie Flowers

Learning is the ‘Miracle Grow’ for our Mind

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“To Use or Not to Use the SMART Goal Model for Achievement,”
that is the question.

According to recent statistics, by now, almost everyone who started the New Year with a goal or resolution to make a positive change in their life, has lost steam and given up.

And giving up on our goals hurts us by preventing us from living the life we want and deserve. Setting and giving up on goals year after year (estimated 95% of us do this), diminishes our ‘muscle of confidence;’ confidence in ourselves, and confidence in the magic of our universe and its vast and secret laws, that allow us to influence how often we succeed in getting what we want.

“Confidence is a muscle that grows in direct proportion to its use.”

The truth is … when I ask seminar participants if they ever took a class on setting and achieving goals, barely a fraction raise their hand.

Not knowing how to achieve what we want consistently undermines our confidence as women, not only in our own ability to achieve our desires, but also our deserve-ability around having them.

What most of us DO know at least something about setting goals is centered on SMART goals. This old, misused model is great for daily or weekly tasks to reach the goal; however, it quickly and effectively flushes the life out of your big dream in record time.

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound. Specific, Measurable and Time-Bound, absolutely YES for big dreams and goals. Achievable and Realistic, however, are in direct conflict with the timeless, tried-and-true principles of achieving big goals and dreams consistently, over time.

While SMART goals serve as a poor model for setting big goals and dreams, we can learn from knowing how the model undermines achievement. The list below derived from the best and worst of this model, allows us to set and reach goals consistently, over time, thereby building our ‘muscle of confidence’ and getting to the life we want.

  1. Your goal must be clear and specific.
  2. You must be able to measure your results.
  3. You select an exact date by which you will achieve it.
  4. You don’t know all the steps to do it.
  5. It has to be big enough to keep you motivated.

Yes, there are more pillars. For now, this will launch you into finally setting goals that you will achieve! We are happiest when we are learning. Start today setting goals with these benchmarks and gain the confidence to have your “best shot at success!”

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