Business women, visionaries, and changemakers...

You are about to take control of your business with consistent achievement.

The mavenZmind is a high-performance, high-achievement women’s business mastermind program, steeped deeply in timeless success principles, universal law, and emotional intelligence.

The mavenZMind Program is for Business Women if:

  • You are exhausted with the emotional rollercoaster of inconsistent income.
  • You feel confused and disappointed at having tried so many programs, without results.
  • Sometimes you feel marginalized in a male-dominated business world.
  • You are devoid of inspiration with no extra time for your own dreams.
  • You feel resigned to never having the experience of life you had imagined.

I know. I’ve been there. No matter how hard I worked at my business, I still wasn’t making the money I should have been making. And my personal life was suffering. I was challenged in my own life to to put food on our table, pay for summer camp, buy that dress for my daughter, and have funds stashed away for college. Not to mention my dream to cruise to around the world with my best girl friends!

Until… after decades of studying and integrating timeless principles into my own business, did I realize that women achieve differently than men. And that the key to massive forward momentum in my business, was going to require a different approach.

What I discovered was that the only way for women to build confidence in business is consistent successes in small increments over time.

When you work with me, I will provide a clear path to small successes, one after the next; keeping you on course, being persistent, and building confidence. This leads to more – and bigger – achievements and income. As this affects your businesses, it also spreads into the other areas of your life.

Create consistency and stop the income rollercoaster.

Business Women

Are you open to learning a new way of achieving your goals?

Leslie Flowers

mavenZminds is perfect for you if you are:

  • Ready to get crystal clear on what you desire and why.
  • Willing to commit to processes for the long term to carry momentum.
  • Looking for a reliable, proven process.

Nothing ever happens until you take action!

  • Feel in control of the direction of your life.
  • Create a deep sense of well-being and balance in all you do in life.
  • Live in the expansiveness of having choice.
  • Feel strong, sovereign, and supported.
  • Feel a natural vitality having a true sense of accomplishment and success.

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mavenZMind is about making MORE MONEY and having MORE TIME to enjoy it.

I don't know what it is for you. But what I do know for sure is that:


You DESERVE to have them come true!

You are not SELFISH for having them!

mavenZMind Program

The mavenZmind Program is

Eight consecutive weekly live webinars which are also recorded for later viewing. Leslie presents 8 development modules which lead to growing your business, developing and increasing momentum, and allowing predictability of monthly income for those who follow the guidelines. This is rare indeed for women in business!

This program is comprehensive, with built in accountability and planning, and with measured results.
There is work, yet it is not hard – it is fun – and it will have you grow in conscious awareness as to your infinite potential in a way you’ve never experienced before.

The mavenZmind Program includes:

  • 8 Live robust interactive teaching Webinars online
  • 2 Live Q & A Sessions
  • The MavenZmind Program Workbook and Journal
  • Paired accountability calls
  • One 30-minute private coaching call with Leslie to refine program goal
  • One 15-minute “emergency coaching” call with Leslie
  • Built-in Market Research/Focus Group
  • Private Program Resource Page
  • 2 References (.pdf) Think and Grow Rich! and Kettle-Dreams
  • Private online Forum

At the beginning of the mavenZmind program you will develop your clear BIG LIFETIME Goal, and then you will determine your 10-week Program INTENTION.

mavenZmind Program Online

One participant reported that after 25 weeks, she had tripled her annual income!

Another participant realized that in only 20 weeks, she had already met her goal for that year,and was on target for a 400% increase in business that year!

Are you willing to be the best you can be?

Leslie & Mastermind Group

mavenZminds is for business women who:

  • Know their purpose or are very close to it.
  • Experience success but realize there is still something missing.
  • Are spiritually oriented and open to learning about Universal Laws.
  • Have had some level of success in their business.
  • Are already taking action, and are ready to uplevel their success and develop massive confidence.

Take clear actions to achieve your most important goals in life.

mavenZMind is right for you if you want to:

  • Learn how to succeed without doing it all, and without knowing how you’re going to do it.
  • Stop trying to please everyone, and stop saying “I’m sorry.”
  • Get control over the direction of your life, develop confidence, and achieve measurable results.
  • Ask for what you are worth, and get paid.
  • Fully become the natural leader you know you are.

Q4 Results include a strategy for Q1 2018!!

Leslie Flowers


As part of the most recent mavenZmind group, I was not completely sure what to expect. Now that I have just about completed this phase of my journey, I am happy to report that this experience has magnified for me the power of mindset and faith in achieving my own personal goals. Leslie educates and empowers her students using universal truths and laws that are simple yet profoundly impactful for those who choose to follow them. My seeds have been planted, and the fruits of my labor are being realized. As someone who partners with clients to create their own destiny, I fully appreciate Leslie’s wisdom and insight, as well as the opportunity to see the intentions of my fellow classmates come true.
Kioka Dunston, Owner and Life/Career Coach
When I first started with Leslie, the one thing I knew I needed was accountability to get more done in my business. Yet, with Leslie’s program, I received the accountability I was looking for and more. She provides an education in confidence building, task completion, & tough love. All of which moved me from just thinking about ways I can help more people through my business to actually doing it. Her expertise is invaluable for female entrepreneurs.
Chrystal Harris, MD, founder of WISE Women in Scrubs
A MUST ATTEND workshop for women who want to close the gap between what they earn and what they should be earning. Personal growth expert Leslie Flowers won’t disappoint in her amazing workshops.
Olalah Njenga, Marketing Consulting and Management President, YellowWood Group
When I first heard about Leslie’s seminar, I was intrigued. I had been percolating” an idea for several years, but had not stepped into action. I had been expending more energy than I should have exploring the reasons “why” I wasn’t moving forward, but Leslie’s powerful presentation, made me realize that I am capable of moving forward and beyond. As I experience the excitement of the unfolding of my dreams, I feel incredibly grateful that I listened to my gut when it first said to me “Leslie has a gift for you”. My gut was right and I am grateful.
Peggy Stella, Executive Director, Equessence LLC

Are you READY to make your Business Results go from Ordinary to Extraordinary before New Year's Eve?? If yes, join our Q4 Mastermind, starting Are you READY to make your Business Results go from Ordinary to Extraordinary before New Year's Eve?? If yes, join our Q1 2019 Mastermind, starting Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 7:00 pm New York Time via Zoom Online