September 12, 2017 Leslie Flowers

Intuition. Did You Hear That Voice?

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intuition - hear that voice

One of my favorite quotes by Wayne Dyer says “If prayer is when we talk to God, then he answers us through our intuition.”

Intuition is our connection to our Creator. 

That then, you could say, actually makes us co-creators. Some folks refer to Creator as God or Jesus. Some call it as Buddha or Allah. Some people refer to this supreme entity as Source Energy or the Universal Energy or Spirit. No matter what ‘name’ you use, they each represent and are pointing to the same Force

The force that contains all ideas and exists in all places at all times in equal amounts and is accessible by everyone.

If you don’t see that we are first and foremost Spiritual beings, and that we are gifted with intelligence and a body, you may believe we are our bodies, gifted with spirit and intellect. I am going to request you agree, for the purpose of this conversation, that we are Spiritual beings first, and our gifts are intellect and a body. Fair enough?

Consider that whatever thought, dream or image, whether positive or negative, held repeatedly in our conscious minds, will eventually become a Belief. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong either. Once it becomes a belief, it lives like the truth for each of us. In fact we have perfect Faith in that belief and no one can change our minds. Only we can do that!

During the first half dozen or so years of our lives (until the age of reason), we receive countless unsolicited verbal ‘gifts’ from family, friends and loved ones. Gifts like “money doesn’t grow on trees,” as an example.

We have no ability to disseminate or to toss out ideas we don’t like in our very early years. Therefore EVERYTHING we hear repeatedly from others becomes OUR belief. Most of our beliefs still limit and stop us from being, doing and having all that we want. So these are actually what are referred to as limiting beliefs. These beliefs stand between our communication with our Creator and acting on those communications. We could say limiting beliefs prevent the voice of Creator from reaching us. Or if it does reach us, it isn’t powerful enough to stand up against a slew of our limiting beliefs which have been operating successfully all our lives.

Case in Point: You are in second grade and it is your turn to stand in front of the room and recite a poem everyone had learned. You stumble over your words, the kids laugh, you are embarrassed and flustered. Now they laugh more and more and you ‘decide,’ “I’ll never get up in front of a group of people again!” Your cheeks are flushed and you are upset and cannot wait to sit down!

And you pray silently, “God, please don’t let me cry!” 

intuition - hear that voiceNow, throughout your life, you have that built in ‘fear’ of public speaking. Is it true that you can’t recite the poem in question without a mistake? Of course you can, with more practice. We all have infinite potential to be, do and have whatever we want as long as we do not violate the rights of others. We are never given an idea that we cannot achieve, or as Napoleon Hill puts it in Think & Grow Rich, “what a man can conceive and believe, he can achieve.”

As an adult, you are given the opportunity to present what you love doing publicly. In that moment when you are asked, right away your limiting beliefs remind you “remember when you flubbed it up in 2nd grade – what makes you think you can speak now?” Your intuition (or Creator) is saying, “this is perfect for you – speak to this group about your passion!” That voice from Creator is quieter and softer than the loud and booming and well practiced derailing limiting beliefs that do not want you to venture out of your comfort zone. Limiting beliefs win again! Well, they’re well practiced, aren’t they?

All the answers to any and all of our questions are available to us.

Many times before I retire in the evening, I will be thinking about a challenge that I was unable to resolve that day. More often than not, when I wake up, I have a fresh new outlook and usually one or two powerful ideas to resolve the issue. Has something like this ever happened to you? Did you think those new ideas were yours?

Those ‘ideas’ are not yours! They are the Gifts from our Creator, as co-creators! 

They arrive in our conscious awareness via the intellectual ‘muscle of intuition’.

The next time you hear Creator whispering “you can do it”, don’t look up and ask “are you sure? I’ve failed before. I’m not very smart.” We often do not trust our best self because our well-seasoned limiting beliefs have been stopping us from doing what we want for decades!

Everything happens for a reason and YOU are in LUCK! The timing is perfect! Is your INTUITION itching??

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