Business women, visionaries, and changemakers...

What if right now …

You could take full control of your business
with all the vital Keys the highly successful use to get results consistently and predictably?

What kind of a difference would that make for you?

Since 2009, my Signature Goal Achievement Planning & Mastery Seminar & Workshop has provided small business owners with access to …

  • A proven process and systematic approach to decide what you really want and choose your goal based on that!
  • Finally crushing the lifelong limiting beliefs and conditioning that have held you back from achieving what you want with real consistency and purpose!
  • The ability to recognize the things you thought you wanted and easily remove them from your thoughts forever!
  • The understanding of how to apply each of the Universal Laws for consistent and increasing success.
  • The attitude and energy to attract people and opportunities to help you achieve your goals!
  • Put all your 2018 goals in priority order, whether you have 5 or 5,000!
  • Learn the 10 achievement secrets behind the handful (less than 5%) of people who are happy, healthy, and wealthy!
  • Determine your #1 Goal for 2018!

The One Day Workshop is for you if:

  • You are exhausted with the emotional rollercoaster of inconsistent income!
  • You feel confused and disappointed at having tried so hard for so long to be consistently successful!
  • You'd be in 'heaven on earth' if you could sail through December not 'worrying' about January!!
  • You are willing to learn and do what it takes to crush this block in your roadway to success!
  • I know. I’ve been there. No matter how hard I worked at my business, I still wasn't making the money I should have been making, consistently. Until... after studying, teaching and applying business success principles and universal law for 8 years and 14,000 hours, I became articulate in translating the things we never knew about consistent achievement in a very simple way. That's my gift ... the ability to articulate concept concepts in bite sized, applicable nuggets, right away! Aren't you ready to create goals and milestones that you reach with regularity, month after month, year after year?

Are you open to learning a new way of achieving your goals?

This Workshop is perfect for you if you are:

  • Ready to get crystal clear on what you really want and how to get it!
  • Willing to invest time and money in learning to setting goals that yield real results!
  • Looking for a reliable, proven process and 'know it when you see it!'

Nothing ever happens until you take action!

  • Finally enjoy the feeling of being in Control of the direction of your business!
  • Feel again that deep sense of well-being and balance in all you do in business and life!
  • Live into the expansiveness of having real choices about your own success!
  • You know that you are simply missing vital information and are hungry to get it!

Are your ready to plan 2018 by investing one day of your life?

PRAISE for this Seminar & Workshop

Leslie Flowers’s Goal Setting Workshop was the catalyst that is opening up my life! In the one week since the workshop, I have taken actions that have resulted in forging a partnership to write a book, as well as submitting a proposal to present a training that is eligible for continuing education credits and a local workshop. I started the workshop wanting a clear direction for myself, and Leslie delivered just that and more.
P. Matthews, LCSW
Probably the most focused day I’ve ever spent in reference to honing in on what really are my desires. The term ‘goals’ is bantered around like a hockey puck, and Leslie knocks it right into the net!
L. LeSavoy, Principal, Center for Excellence
As far as the Goal Setting Workshop with Leslie Flowers, one word really sticks out for me…remarkable! I never expected it to be so personally enriching and enlightening. I wish that it was longer than one day. Not only did I walk away with clear cut goals for 2011, I also discovered my true life goals and how they are all possible to obtain. Since attending, I have been more driven, productive and seen a marked increase in positive results of my efforts. I would strongly recommend this workshop to anyone who owns a small business and/or is starting an endeavor of any kind. I cannot imagine anyone who attends this workshop to walk away without feeling organized and energized!
C. Nichols, Owner, EquineIR Carolina
“I hired Leslie to facilitate a Goal Setting workshop for a group of Team Nimbus clients. Leslie did an amazing job creating a powerful and effective experience. She provided us the principles & knowledge and then facilitated our use of that in creating really great goals for 2011. She connected quickly with the group; gave us a robust goal setting framework and led us to create an inspiring and focused set of goals. Leslie is excellent to work with and I am seeking additional ways to benefit from her skills and expertise.”
Bill Davis, Team Nimbus
Leslie Flowers is able to show the common causes slowing our life’s progress. With the knowledge she offers, it becomes easier to change old habits. She helped me arrive at my most important goal. With dedication, using insight from Leslie’s class, I will be able to reach that goal and others in priority order. Leslies’ style is relaxed and humorous. I plan to use this and other seminars to grow with my family and my profession. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is willing work to reach greatness.
M. Larin, Owner, Hi-Tech Home Comforts
A MUST ATTEND workshop for women who want to close the gap between what they earn and what they should be earning. Personal growth expert Leslie Flowers won’t disappoint in her amazing workshops.
Olalah Njenga, Marketing Consulting and Management President, YellowWood Group
My experience with the Leslie’s Goal Setting Workshop brought me to a better understanding of how create and follow my goals with my business. I must say, Leslie has been instrumental and a guiding force in my life, you don’t want to miss this workshop. Leslie will be able to give you a creative perspective on yourself and with the right tools to achieve your goals.”
Zan Galloway
I found the workshop to be enormously valuable. I have spent months unsuccessfully trying to pull a business and marketing plan together. With this workshop, I was not only able to clarify my goals for 2011 (filling my immediate need for a business/marketing plan) but also change my thinking in a way that I am convinced will improve my business in profound ways. I would highly recommend this workshop to others.
L. Noble, The Noble Law Firm, PLLC
I was amazed at both the number and quality of business and life goals I was able to generate. I expected to come out of the session with goals that were tied to milestone dates and activities. However, I walked away with goals that are tied to my life’s milestones.
G. Thompson, SPHR, CTC, Business Coach, Lendor Consulting
I have one of Leslie’s classes and teamed with her to develop and deliver a class, and both experiences were very successful. Leslie’s Goal Setting Workshop helped me get my business priorities in order for 2011. I review the list every week, and I’m making more progress in a focused direction than I have in previous years.
K. Tiede, Principal, Red Tuxedo

Take clear actions to achieve your most important goals in life.

This Workshop is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Learn how to finally set and achieve goals that makes sense and that you 'make!'
  • You know that all you were missing is some 'vital' information!
  • Finally predict your income through consistent achievement and Get control over the direction of your life!
  • Use the benchmarks for success enjoyed by less than 5% of us!
  • Be sure you reap a huge bundle more than you invested, in time and revenue!

Sail through the holidays knowing you have a strategy and a plan for 2018!!

Once you get your seat, you'll have your Best Shot at Success!